Alumni Network

We are currently looking to build a strong alumni network here at 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站. We are hopeful that our graduates commit to a lifelong partnership that supports the college in a number of ways. Are you interested in being a part of an Alumni Network that may:

  • Mentor current students by discussing your career field, providing support and networking opportunities
  • Participate in Alumni events
  • Receive information about the college, job information, additional courses, etc.
  • Assist 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站’s recruiting efforts by being a part of our marketing campaign using photographs and/or quotes
  • Identify strengths and areas of improvement for 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站's future

Become a Member

To be a part of the Alumni Association you must:

  • Hold a certificate degree from 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站
  • Hold an associate degree from 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站
  • Hold a bachelor's degree from 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站

If you answered YES to any of these, the 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 Alumni Association is for you! Complete the sign-up form below: 



For more information or questions contact Kim Olsen.